Coaching for Entrepreneurs who are Scaling Up

This is a crucial time for your business, the pressure to be on it, stay focused, deliver, be responsible and make decisions. However, this is a particularly vulnerable time for any business owner or entrepreneurial team, just because high performance requires a high resilience to uncertainty and stress.

There are specific leadership competencies that can positively impact you and your team’s innovative thinking. To read more about the results of my research, you can click here.

You ability to manage your emotions, recognise the emotions of others, and control your emotional responses to manage relationships better, and build trust are all crucial leadership skills that nurture a culture of innovation.

Behavioural coaching is effective for long term habit changes that impact creative thinking. Leadership competencies can improve by acknowledging the impact of lacking regard for others, such as the direct effect of someone’s willing to participate in workplace activities, share their opinions or frustrations.

Nurturing a culture of innovation requires empathy.

Success always hinges on passionate people who care about something greater than themselves and can motivate and attract like-minded collaborators with unique skill sets.

A case study of how innovation works on a diverse team.

Innovation often blooms from personal experiences, highlighting the importance of diversity in the workforce as well as getting out of “the bubble” of company headquarters.
Miller, who lost his sight to a genetic disease that left him blind by the time he’d finished his computer science degree, made sure his team of developers and engineers designed Soundscape out in the field, away from their computer screens. That helped them better understand and meet the needs of their customers – such as building the app to work hands-free so a user can hold an umbrella and a guide dog’s harness, for example.
“Diversity of thought and creativity will be imperative to designing the technology of the future,” said Jill Bender, a software engineer for Azure IoT.

“There are unexpected zigzags inherent in innovation mean it flourishes under leaders who are flexible and are comfortable with uncertainty and change, and who aren’t looking for an immediate financial payoff.” Microsoft on Innovation Stories

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